Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Glow

Winter is Here! The much awaited snow arrived today and may or may not stay until Christmas. Today's posting is of an earlier painting of mine that is currently hanging in a holiday show at Zumi's Coffee Shop.

Peace and Happy Holidays to all.


Pam Perras said...

Nice to get your wintry post, Sunny! Happy Holidays to you and your family and all the best to you in the New Year!

Curtis Faville said...


Do you think of yourself as growing as a painter? Do you feel tendencies in the art, or in yourself, as you move through the experience of successive canvases? Are you drawn to certain subjects? Do you feel a frustration or resistance within the medium which you must work to overcome? Are there things you wish you could paint, but lack the requisite skill to accomplish?

I did an essay on Neil Welliver here:

Do you know his work?

I've never painted, but have done serious photography, as you know. I find that talking about it is useful in refining my vision. Do you talk with anyone about your work?

Curtis Faville said...

One thing I notice is that you seem to he working routinely at a small scale. Is this something you fall into naturally, or is it a way of producing more work in limited spaces of time?

Do you do any drawing studies, or block out the composition with pencil or charcoal before applying pigment? Do you think of the oil and brush as having a certain influence on the feeling of shapes and the evocation of qualities of light or texture?

Becky Joy said...

wonderful color and composition in this painting. Really like it.