Sunday, May 1, 2011

Potted Geranium

Our sweet geranium begged to be painted again this month.

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Curtis Faville said...


You seem to be falling farther and farther behind in your program of posting regular canvas images.

Have you seen my discussions of Eigner and the work of Cezanne and Demuth?

What do you think of their work? Have you ever considered exploring visual abstraction in the manner of Demuth? His imagery is always familiar and recognizable, but he manipulates the composition in ways which alter simple straightforward perspective, or change the relationships of known objects and surfaces--beyond "mere" representation. Supposing, for instance, you altered "Potted Gemium" (actually I think you meant to say geranium), to change the color or positioning of the pot or plant or base? Since painting doesn't work very well in replicating "reality" don't you think painting might be a way to play with this difficulty, by intentionally employing techniques which might become ends in themselves?