Monday, October 17, 2011

The Bass Player

I loved painting this from a black and white photo. Distilling the image and creating the colors brings a different kind of joy than what I feel when attempting to paint something exactly as I see it in a photo. It feels more like I "created" something new and that I am recreating myself as well. When life's many ups and downs challenge me, I take refuge in the process of painting. Memories of my daughter playing this bass accompanied me on this artistic journey. I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.


Susanne said...

Hi Sunny, Awesome!! I love this painting, I can hear your daughter playing wonderful music as I study this painting. Love the colors...great job..better than the photo!

Pam Perras said...

AWESOME, Sunny! I love this painting—the composition, color harmony and the gesture of the figure. How liberating and satisfying it must be to paint from a b/w photo and bring all your skills and creativity to bear. It's impressive and inspiring! : )