Saturday, April 14, 2012

New York City Sidewalk Reflections

This is my latest painting of my NYC winter morning walk. Do you think those rushing to work and school were aware of the beautiful colors surrounding them?

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Curtis Faville said...

The deeper question is what you wanted to show.

In the abstract, morning light is in its purest sense, merely a declination of rays along a spectrum. Is there "irony" in the picture implied by the movement of people walking along the sidewalk in the morning? That's when people go to work.

What I find much more interesting is the panel moving dramatically towards us to the right from the vanishing point. There's an implied separation between those on one side and on the other. Great buildings tower above us. Enclosure and demarcation define all the available space, except the patch of blue sky overhead. Matter moves towards us, not away. The foreground is the intersection of that vector and the one where we're standing. The picture has many questions--none answered.