Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Summer walk in the woods

Our local Appleton farm has many wooded areas that are so inviting in summer. 

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Curtis Faville said...


There seems to be something new here. I can't be entirely sure, since the color balance on the computer may not be accurately reporting the original.

The purple color in the trees seems to be migrating into the spaces between the trunks of the other trees, which makes the overall effect more ambiguous. I'd like to see what the effect would be if you limited yourself, for instance, to, say, four colors, and tried to represent the scene without transitioning or complicating the scheme. If the path, say, were yellow, all the foliage were purple, the sky were pink, and the grass just sort of grey. If I knew how to do Photoshop@ I suppose I could actually do this.

How would Wolf Kahn have done it?