Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two still lifes..very different approaches

I am studying with Kelly Carmody and learning still life and portrait painting from a tonalist perspective.  This is my painting of our most recent set-up.

This weekend I attended a painting demonstration by Daniel Keyes and came home to set up and paint the following still-life, adapting his style to my developing approach. It is probably obvious I am still finding my way...

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Curtis Faville said...

What I like best about this one is that the colors are beginning to break out of the strictures of the quotidian and taking on a life of their own.

It reminds me of Matisse.

There's real joy in it, not just slavish modesty and reserve.

Consider taking it much further. Intensify the yellow and orange and lime green hues. Push it to the edge. Pay no attention to your fellow students who may be dismayed by your gestures.

The painting you make means more than any fidelity to actuality. That's where you begin. You're already capable of making straightforward "photographic" images. Time to move on.

Verisimilitude has always been a dead end. Don't get stuck in it.