Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Herding Buffalo in Winter

I was excited to paint this striking scene from a photo my son-in-law took while on watch with the Buffalo Field Campaign in Yellowstone, Montana in December. I chose a limited palette for this stark, but beautiful winter landscape. Inspired by the many masterpiece paintings I saw during my visit to NYC last week I want to spend every day painting for the rest of my life! It is such a joy!

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Curtis Faville said...


As your technique improves, try to up the ante of your work by pushing the limits. Just making "pretty" things will suffice at first, but ultimately you'll want to move beyond that. The challenge of great art is to take us beyond the limits of the visible, beyond the obvious, the easy. I felt the same joy you now experience when I was first photographing, but I knew that was a static placeholder. My best images--and yours too--are those which aspire to a deeper sense of mystery and awe. They're often difficult to explain or understand, but we have a sense that something else is happening. We recognize it when we see it. It's everywhere around us, but usually it hides. We may only catch glimpses of it. How can we see what isn't there?