Sunday, January 22, 2012

NYC Winter Morning Sunshine

This is my first attempt at a city scape. I ran outside with my camera when I saw the early morning sunlight illuminating the upper east side streets as New Yorkers were heading to work and school last week. I hope this painting conveys my joy at the sunshine overcoming the darkness of a cold winter's night. The bicycle shop on the corner, SOULCYCLE, expresses it all.

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Curtis Faville said...


Have you ever seen Georgia O'Keeffe's New York landscapes? Astounding things.

Your early light feeling here reminds a bit too of Hopper, who was good at approximating the sense of awed blankness which accompanies early dawn or dusk light.

Keep at it. I'm not sure that trying out all kinds of subject matter will lead to deeper levels of apprehension, but you may not have found your true subject matter yet. That's been the aesthetic conundrum of my life.