Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wandering River in South Asia

This painting was inspired by a photo taken by friends in either Bhutan or Nepal.  The quiet beauty of this scene moved me and challenged me as a painter.  This is the first painting I have finished in a month.  I have been working on several paintings, and am struggling to complete them.  I am trying a new palette of colors and am slowly learning their qualities.  Hopefully, I'll have several more paintings to post very soon.

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Curtis Faville said...

What encourages me here is the degree to which you seem to be wanting to find "in the paint" some quality which is more "secret" than mere representation.

You're trying to find a "feeling" by exploring the boundaries that enclose your technique. The further outside you get from those limitations, the more interesting your work will become.

The real potential (and the $$$) is in getting beyond mere "motel" paintings to something more intriguing and abstract. You'll get there.