Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Winter morning lights in NYC

After a long hiatus I am back in the studio painting again, reworking older paintings, and starting new ones in preparation for several upcoming Art Shows.  On a larger canvas and with a different focus and different palette I have again painted a scene from a photo I took in NYC last winter.  I enjoy the challenge of cityscapes.  

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Curtis Faville said...

This one reminds me a bit of Hopper.

Hopper was able to impart a sense of troubling absence, which is what made his work so powerful.

You look and look at his scenes, and you think you see how he's done it, but it isn't just a matter of the lack of detail and animate figures. It's something to do with the blankness of the light, the flatness inside of depth.

It's like he's figured out how to mimic gravity, without showing its force.

You should increase the contrast of the lit surfaces in this scene, to intensify the dramatic unidirectional illumination. Like an annunciation. What's going to happen? It isn't just a sunset. It's the last sunset. The sunset at the end of the world.