Friday, May 22, 2015

Tea and Roses

Dear friends and followers,
I have been away from my blog for several months while I have been taking classes with a wonderful artist, Kelly Carmody. I have learned a lot and am now inspired to again paint still lifes, landscapes and portraits and share them with you on my blog.  I have reactivated my website and added some new paintings at:    This is my latest oil painting from a still life set up in my studio.  I love the challenge of painting white roses!  Thank you for sharing my adventures in painting.  It is so nice to have feedback and comments on this blog.   I will continue to post new paintings as they are finished.  Enjoy!

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Curtis Faville said...

Still life. Yeah!

I'm reading a new book on Morandi, by the Swiss poet Philipe Jacottet.

It's mystical inspiration.

Like the monk in his cell.

In this one, the perspective seems a little peculiar--as in, is the white back wall intersecting with the brown surface, or is there a space between? It's ambiguous. There's a tension between 2nd and 3rd dimensionality.