Saturday, September 19, 2015

Clouds above Light on Shore

This is an imaginary coastal scene that I created using a palette knife and brush technique.  I sometimes paint a landscape from memory or composite memories of beautiful places I have experienced.  This one represents the low early evening light under the clouds illuminating the islands and the shore.  Painting from memory frees one's creative spirit.  Does this painting evoke any memories of a particular place for you?

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Curtis Faville said...

In making landscape photographs, I usually try--if I can--to find a composition in which there is "something in the foreground" and "something in the background" and maybe something in between too.

There's a drama set up between different parts of the composition when you do this. You get depth, a dialectic that forces the eye to move forwards and backwards, to afford a sense of space.

This composition seems very settled, and very far away. Like looking through a telescope. One wants the sky to be a little more developed. What is the sky telling us, aside from its greenness? Clouds are your chance to let your imagination run free--you aren't constrained by fixed matter.